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Yearling Baitball Walking Bait - Pearl-Natural #6

Yearling Baitball Walking Bait - Pearl-Natural #6

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Yearling Baitball Walking Bait - Pearl/Natural #6
Manufacture ID: YWB90T816

Imagine two small clusters of tiny baitfish trying to reconnect after a predatory baitball assault. That visual comes to life with the new LIVETARGET Yearling Walking Bait. Both the YWB-90 and YWB-115 generate a traditional walk-the-dog action with a balance enhancement, making this lure super-easy to retrieve. A concave dimple under the nose of the lure creates a spitting action with a ‘blooping’ sound. The in-line arrangement of yearling baitfish offers the right balance of flash for clear water conditions.


- Color: Pearl/Natural
- #6
- Length: 3.5"
- Topwater
- Weight: 3/8 oz