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Yearling Baitball Jerkbait - Gold-Black #6

Yearling Baitball Jerkbait - Gold-Black #6

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Yearling Baitball Jerkbait - Gold/Black #6
Manufacture ID: YJB110S814

Never have jerkbaits looked this real. The new LIVETARGET Yearling Jerkbaits are ultra-realistic to game fish when feeding on yearling forage. The in-line grouping of baby baitfish create a multitude of flash profiles for unmatched simulation of a stretched out baitfish school. The YJB-110 has a narrow body profile while the YJB-95 has a deeper body profile for a broader side flash. Both lures suspend and feature ultra-realistic colors for variable water conditions.


- Color: Gold/Black
- Size: #6
- Length: 4 1/4"
- Dives: 4-5'
- Weight: 1/2 oz