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Yearling Baitball Crankbait - Pearl-Violet Shad #4

Yearling Baitball Crankbait - Pearl-Violet Shad #4


Yearling Baitball Crankbait - Pearl/Violet Shad #4
Manufacture ID: YCB60M812

LIVETARGET Yearling Crankbait collection incorporates the innovative Yearling BaitBall design into a small crankbait profile covering mid-range water depths, and available in three sizes. The hybrid bill design delivers a tantalizing body flash and deflects well off of cover to trigger key reaction bites. Each lure incorporates a different number of 3-D hatchlings, all of which are the same size, strategically grouped to create a different mass.


- Color: Pearl/Violet Shad
- Size: #4
- Length: 2 3/8"
- Dives: 7-8' Silent
- Weight: 1/2 oz