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Wise Company Grab and Go MEAT Wise Food Storage 60 serving All Meat plus Rice

$129.99 OR

Wise Food Co.
Emergency / Survival / Camping Food

Gourmet Seasoned Freeze Dried REAL Meat!

60 Servings of Meat + Bonus Rice!
Up to a 15 Year Shelf Life!
Made in the USA
Affordable Preparedness Addition

A Revolutionary Stand-Alone Food Solution – Just Add Boiling Water!

Your Bucket’s 6 Gourmet Meat Options Include:

Roasted Chicken: 12 servings

Southwest Style Chicken: 12 servings

Teriyaki Style Chicken: 8 servings

Stroganoff Style Beef: 8 servings

Cheesy Ground Beef: 8 servings

Savory Roasted Ground Beef: 12 servings

Bonus: 20 Servings of Rice!

Seasoned Freeze Dried Meat: Retains Color, Texture, Flavor & Nutrition!

60 Servings of Meat + Bonus Rice!

Why Rice? In the event that there is an emergency and you only have time to grab this one bucket, we want to make sure that you still have full and complete meals, i.e. protein and carbohydrates, thus the rice – its just another way of helping protect you and your family!

All 6 Meats are Great by Themselves or Mixed with Other Ingredients
WISE seasoned meat is great when used as a high protein snack while hiking, camping, boating, etc. or a flavorful and healthy addition to your current preparedness closet or everyday meals – just experiment around and find the best combinations for you and your family!

Do You Want to Add Additional Stores to Your Preparedness Closet?
Purchase Our Fruits and Veggies Buckets or Other Serving Combination Options

We are an Authorized WISE Food Co. Dealer

All of our buckets are brand new and are shipped direct to you. We are a USA seller. Rest assured that you are receiving a brand new bucket at the lowest price available. (If you see this posted lower somewhere else, then it is NOT being sold by an authorized dealer or they are breaking company policy. Make sure you purchase from a trusted source!)

Just a FEW Reasons to Choose Wise Foods:

    • Great Taste – While a lot of other emergency/survival brand foods taste like, well, cardboard – Wise Foods is truly delicious with a plethora of gourmet meal options, great sauces for fruits and veggies, and real meat buckets!!
    • Long Term Storage – Wise meals have a shelf life of up to 25 years (fruit bucket 20 years and meat bucket 15 years). Food comes in nitrogen packed mylar pouches that removes the majority of oxygen – thus improving longevity. Pouches are re-sealable so there is no longer any need for waste! Pouches are then incased in stackable, grab-n’-go buckets that further protects the contents.
    • Light Weight & Condensed – Wise Food buckets are light enough that even a child can help transport them when the need arises. A complete 1-year supply for one adult weighs less than 75 lbs!
    • Convenient & Quick Cooking – All Wise Food is quickly reconstituted by simply adding water – food is ready in 15 minutes or less! Great for camping, emergency situation, last minute meals as well as your daily routine.
    • Quality Ingredients – All Wise Food is made here in the USA from quality ingredients and is routinely inspected. Wise Foods is recommended by Dave Ramsey, Laura Ingraham, Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Hugh Hewitt among others…. Rest assured, you are getting a great product!

What Others Are Saying About WISE Food:

“We just went four days straight eating nothing but Wise food, and our kids loved it; they didn’t get tired of it … In fact, while eating the cheesy lasagna, one of my twin five-year-old boys turned to me and said, ‘Dad, this is the best noodles you ever made!’ … My wife and I are kind of picky eaters, and we really liked the meals. They didn’t have the aftertaste of other freeze-dried food we’ve tried. We were pretty pumped about that!” – Stefan from Wyoming

“Our past food storage experience has been a process of storing and wasting. No matter how hard we tired to rotate and use our storage, we always ended up with cans of expired food. With Wise Food Storage, we are done … and we don’t have to worry for the next 25 years!” -- Christopher from Utah

“We just moved to Manhattan for two years while my husband goes to graduate school, and one thing I insisted on bringing with us was a three-month supply of Wise buckets, which I am stashing in different spots around the apartment. With a three-year-old and one on the way, it’s comforting to know it’s there in case of emergency.” -- Heidi from New York