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Ventafish Combo Pack

Ventafish Combo Pack

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Vent a Fish Combo PackDesigned by avid anglers looking to conserve fisheries for future generations, the VENTAFISH Dehooker Combo includes a VENTAFISH Fish Venting Tool, J & Circle Dehooker and 10 Pack Replacement Needles and full color instructions.
The VENTAFISH meets all state and federal and its innovative 45 degree design increases angler safety and fish mortality rates while effectively deflating the swim bladders of all reef-dwelling fish.
The J & Circle Dehooker features a unique offset tip which promotes the specific type of motion required to easily remove J & Circle hooks. The Dehooker's offset tip also produces additional leverage.
The 10 Replacement Needles give avid anglers extra venting capacity and are designed for use in the VENTAFISH tool only. Dehooker measures: 16''.