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Survival Cave Food Homestyle Quick Entrees Emergency Dried Long Term Food Supply

$109.00 OR


Survival Cave Foods Homestyle Quick Entrees Bucket

25 Year Shelf Life

Made in the USA

You will receive 60 adult servings

Survival Cave Food satisfies all of your food storage needs with an economical, delicious and cost effective long term food storage and a way to prepare you.

60 Total Servings-

10 servings of Creamy Potato Soup
10 servings of Vegetable flavored Beef Stew
10 servings of Red Beans & Rice
10 servings of Corn & Potato Chowder
10 servings of Western Chili
10 servings of Chicken flavored Vegetable Stew

Pouches are a thick, poly-metal blend, vacuum sealed with an oxygen absorber enclosed.
Zip lock top on each pouch to reseal unused portions.

25 Year Shelf Life

Our standard poly-metal pouch, coupled with vacuum sealing and an oxygen absorber, our packaging allows
our gourmet dehydrated meals an extended shelf life. Protection from sunlight, water and other harmful
elements gives you the maximum shelf life.

Great for camping, hiking, RV, home use, meals on the go, military, long term food storage, survival foods, etc.

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