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Standard Horizon VLH-3000 Loud Hailer

Standard Horizon VLH-3000 Loud Hailer

$404.98 OR

VLH-3000 Loud Hailer
  • 30W PA output
  • Dual zone output forward, aft, or all
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Easy push button control
  • Loud speaker audio
  • 2 Intercom Station capable with the MLS-300i intercom speaker
  • 3 Year Waterproof Warranty

    Two 30 Watt PA Outputs, One Forward One Aft
  • Twice the power with two 30 watt PA outputs. You can connect one PA forward and one aft, or transmit out of both simultaneously. Four foghorn signals can be used depending on the conditions, or use the bells, whistles, horn or siren.

  • Two Intercom Connections
  • Two intercom connections allow you to stay connected to everyone on board. It allows you to toggle between IC1 and IC2. When connected to the optional MLS-300i you now have intercom communication at it's best.

  • Four Fog Horns, Bells and Whistles
  • Be heard! Four foghorn options allow automatic foghorn operation. Select the foghorn you need based on the navigation situation you are in. The VLH-3000 has all the functions you need including bells, whistles, horns, and sirens.

  • New Cosmetic Design for a Consistent Look with CP180 and GX3000S
  • TheVLH-3000 is designed to keep a uniform look on your boat when used in conjunction with the CP180 and GX3000S.

  • Flush Mount Capability
  • Two mounting options are available. Bracket mount with the bracket and knobs included, or use the optional MMB-84 to flush mount in to a bulkhead.

  • Key Features:
    PA Power Output:
  • 30 W (at 4 ohm, 10% distortion) x 2CH

  • Intercom Output:
  • 30 W (at 4 ohm 10% distortion) x 2CH

  • Controls:
  • IC, PA and listen-back volume

    Manufacturer : STANDARD HORIZON
    Manufacturer Part No : VLH-3000
    UPC : 788026107698