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Snugpak Roller Subdivide Tactical Military Compartment Cargo Bag Luggage 97600

$125.99 OR


Snugpak Roller Sub Divide 90 Liter - Black

MSRP- $149.00 

The Roller Subdivide by Snugpak is our most versatile carry all yet. With two main compartments both with

purpose. The bottom main compartment has securing straps to cinch items down to keep from moving as well as

zippered pockets on the underside of the upper main compartment. Then the upper main compartment has a C

shaped zipper to allow larger items to be loaded into it. On the side with the retractable handle is a nice

organization comportment that is great for holding and sorting items like pens, cell phones, chargers, passports

and other essential items you need quick access to. Then we have added cinch straps on all four sides to allow it

to be compressed when not full, or to reduce the bulk if filled with items that can be compressed. The Roller

Subdivide is a great rolling bag for just about anyone and any situation.

Dimensions: 29.5” L x 16”H x 14”W

Volume: 90 Liter-6608 Cubic Inches

Weight: 113 oz / 3.2kg

Great carryall bag for everything from meetings, to travel, to camping, and so much more.