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Snugpak Poncho Liner Weather Cold Tactical Lightweight Hood Sleeves Draw Cord

$53.99 OR

Snugpak Poncho Liner- Black, Coyote Tan, or OD

MSRP: $69.00

Temperature Rating: 45°F / 36°F (7°C / 2°C)

This Snugpak Poncho Liner is not your fathers, or Grandfathers, Poncho Liner.

Unlike the older square shaped style Poncho Liner many have come to know the Snugpak Poncho Liner

has a dedicated hood with draw cord as well as dedicated sleeves. No more cold chills when lifting up your

arms while wearing a Poncho. The other great news is the Snugpak Poncho Liner is compatible with pretty

much any poncho on the market, though it does work best with Snugpak's Enhanced Poncho. Why you ask?

Well is is simply because the Snugpak Enhanced Poncho too has dedicated sleeves and because of this fact the

Poncho Liner acts like a jacket liner to insulate and improve the performance when needed, or desired.

Pack Size: 6" x 7" (fully compressed)

Weight: 25 Oz.

A perfect item for traveling, camping, backpacking, military, scouts, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, etc.