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Shirt Lock Undergarment Belt Clothing Uniform Tactical Police Military

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 Wesol Distribution Shirt Lock


Tactical Shirt Lock was designed for Uniform Officers in the Police and Military and has
proven to be a reliable alternative to the shirt stays,
rubber and flex belts and even suspenders.

Shirt Lock is made of a flexible, hook on hook material that is worn over your shirt and under your pants, about 2" below your waistline. The belt grips both the shirt and the pants, holding your shirt tails down and your pants up. Shirt Lock was designed for men and women. The Airport Friendly design contains no metal parts, enabling the wearer to pass through metal detectors at airports, courthouses, and prison security without sounding alarms. Perfect for the frequent traveler, Security guard, and Corrections Officer.
  • Shirt stay belt by Shirt Lock will keep your shirt tucked in all day!
  • Velcro-type material grips the nap on your shirt holding it in place!
  • Worn as an undergarment belt, completely hidden from view!
  • Metal detector friendly, no metal parts!
  • Appropriate for airports, courthouses, prison security!


X 30 up to 28" Waist
X 40 up to 38" Waist
X 50 up to 48" Waist
X 60 up to 58" Waist