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Scaled Sardine Twitchbait - Ghost-Natural #2

Scaled Sardine Twitchbait - Ghost-Natural #2


Scaled Sardine Twitchbait - Ghost/Natural #2
Manufacture ID: SST115S948

The LIVETARGET Scaled Sardine is the perfect match for cruising predators in search of this prolific baitfish. The 3-D life-like scale pattern is created by state-of-the-art precision tooling that only Mother Nature herself could replicate. Available in two different models, the twitchbait generates an erratic sub-surface flash that will drive any saltwater brute crazy. The LIVETARGET Scaled Sardine, tie one on and hang on!


- Color: Ghost/Natural
- Size: #2
- Length: 4 1/2"
- Dives: 0-12"
- Weight: 9/16 oz