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Ripshears Emergency Trauma Shears Ripper EMT EMS Hospital Military RS-1


Emergency Medical Trauma Scissors Ripper Attachment
Rip Shears Ripper Replacement for EMT EMS Firefighter Military Hospital Use - With O2 Wrench

The ripper unit is 100% made in the USA and will bolt onto most sets of standard 7 1/4” trauma shears. Its blades, made from 440A surgical-grade stainless steel for durability and corrosion-resistance, receive a proprietary treatment to improve cutting ability and edge retention, making them last 5x longer than standard carbon steel blades. New model with O2 Wrench. Attach to existing shears with a Phillips screwdriver. Available only in black.One new replacement Ripper w/O2 Wrench for Rip Shears Trauma Scissors