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Quick Release Tikka T3-Whitetail Hunter 2-Piece Matte

Quick Release Tikka T3-Whitetail Hunter 2-Piece Matte

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Quick Release Tikka T3/Whitetail Hunter 2-Piece Matte
Manufacture ID: 114976

he two piece quick detach scope base for Tikka T3 & Whitetail Hunter provides a solid platform keeping scopes zeroed even after prolonged use of heavy-recoiling loads under extenuating situations. It offers maximum access to the bolt handle and breech area for interference-free ejection and servicing, and fits both right and left-handed actions.

Ideal for scopes that will be used on multiple rifles, this method combines the advantages of the Twist-Lock system with a QD lever. This arrangement enables you to take a scope off one rifle and mount it on another within a few seconds. The patented mechanism, machined with tight tolerances, engages the steel base to the ring, pulling it down and forward, solidly locking it into position.


- Fits: Tikka T3 / Whitetail Hunter Bolt Action Rifles
- Base Type: Two Piece
- Mounting System: Proprietary, QD
- Construction: Forged and Machined Steel
- Finish: Matte Black

Note: This Quick Detachable system is proprietary to Leupold, and will not work with other systems.