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Pumpkinseed Wakebait - Metallic-Gloss #4

Pumpkinseed Wakebait - Metallic-Gloss #4

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Pumpkinseed Wakebait - Metallic/Gloss #4
Manufacture ID: PSW75T102

The LIVETARGET Pumpkinseed (wakebait) is an ideal choice when Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike are feeding on Sunfish. This particular model is designed specifically for BIG game hunters. Whether it’s cruising monster Bass or Northern Pike in the shallows, the water displacement of the wide swimming action produces moderate surface commotion, generating aggressive assaults.


- Color: Metallic/Gloss
- Size: #4
- Length: 3"
- Dives: 0-1'
- Weight: 1/2 oz