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NEW Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Mangos Emergency Ration Family Food Meals Snacks

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Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Mangoes:

Give yourself the peace of mind when you add Lindon Farms® Freeze-dried Mangos to your food storage essentials. Lindon Farms® only offers the finest quality ingredients with an amazing taste. Only the finest quality mangoes have been freeze-dried to perfection to assure your satisfaction. Lindon Farms® Freeze-dried Mangoes have a guaranteed shelf life of up to 25 years due to the elite Metalite™ packaging. Bring peace of mind home by living life ready.


Keep your food supply fresh with mouth-watering Freeze Dried Mangoes! Whether you're munching on them raw or rehydrating them for salads, meals, snacks, or desserts, mangoes are the perfect touch of sweetness to your diet. Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Mangos are in resealable, puncture-resistant pouches - complete with oxygen absorber to ensure freshness and taste for up to 25 years!