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MOJO Thrasher

MOJO Thrasher

$201.99 OR

MOJO Thrasher
Manufacture ID: HW2303

The Thrasher from Mojo is designed to create intense surface ripples that simulate the water around feeding ducks, and is also a very effective tool for keeping freezing waters open. The propeller is adjustable on the thrasher so you can adjust for varying water depth and have the motor under the surface for ripples, or at the surface for splashing. You can even mount a Mojo decoy on the top of the stake (decoy not included) to drive the ducks absolutely crazy. Works in water up to 3 feet deep. Requires a 12 volt battery for operation (not included)


- Provides intense ripples and splashing that simulates ducks on the water
- Helps prevent water from freezing
- Runs on a 12 volt battery (not included)
- Attach a decoy to the stake for added attraction