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Menhaden Twitchbait - Natural-Metallic #4

Menhaden Twitchbait - Natural-Metallic #4

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Menhaden Twitchbait - Natural/Metallic #4
Manufacture ID: MHT75S902

The first of its kind, the LIVETARGET Menhaden is what anglers around the world have been waiting for. Unparalleled fish-attracting action teamed with stunning finishes, this lure will agitate predators into a feeding frenzy. The sub-surface twitchbait is the perfect inshore and near shore shallow water tool. Twitch-it or walk-it just below the surface to target feeding Redfish, Snook, and Striped Bass. Shallow or deep, the LIVETARGET Menhaden is a must have for all saltwater anglers.


- Color: Natural/Metallic
- Size: #4
- Length: 3"
- Dives: 0-12"
- Weight: 5/8 oz