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Lindon Farms Strawberry Energy Protein Shake Mix 120 Servings Nutrition Drink

$199.00 OR

Lindon Farms 120 Servings- Strawberry Protein Drink Mix
A delicious strawberry protein drink mix formulated and packaged for long-term shelf life.

  • 120 Servings per bucket
  • Easy to Prepare
  • 130 Cal/serving
  • 20 grams of protein/serving
  • 10 Servings per pouch (12 Pouches per bucket)
  • Metalite pouch with an oxygen absorber to preserve freshness and quality

  • Give yourself the peace of mind when you add Lindon Farms Protein Drinks to your food storage essentials. Lindon Farms only offers the finest quality ingredients with an amazing taste. Only the finest quality ingredients have been added to assure your satisfaction. Lindon Farms has a guaranteed shelf life of up to 25 years due to the elite Metalite™ packaging. Bring peace of mind home by living life ready.