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Lindon Farm Freeze Dried Tropical Fruit Bucket Long Term Storage 300 rp4086

Lindon Farm Freeze Dried Tropical Fruit Bucket Long Term Storage 300 rp4086

$250.00 OR

Freeze Dried Fruit - Tropical Variety Bucket - 300 Servings

Lindon Farms introduces a NEW Freeze Dried Fruit variety, with all new mouth watering fruits! Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Fruits are known for their quality, freshness, and natural simplicity. Don't let the idea of food storage overwhelm you, Lindon Farms makes it easy to understand and easy to use! Let Lindon Farms put your mind and home at ease.

New and Factory Fresh
  • Brand: Lindon Farms
  • Capacity: 300 servings
  • 1 Total bucket
  • Includes 6 different Freeze Dried Tropical Fruits
  • Freeze dried foods/Dehydrated
  • Great for healthy snacks and storage- kids love them!!!
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Easy to open mylarfoil pouches with an oxygen absorber
  • Stackable & EZ store weather proof container
  • Shelf Life - Up to 25 years
  • This Freeze Dried Fruit variety bucket contains the following:

    - 300 Total Servings in a resealable pail
    - Great for snacks and storage
    - No additives or preservatives

    Freeze Dried Fruits just got more practical... and more affordable! Shelf life up to 20 years sealed and stored in a cool, dry environment. Shelf life up to 6 months for opened pouches.

    Whole Cherries– 48 servings
    Whole Red Seedless Grapes– 52 servings
    Whole Blackberries- 52 servings
    Diced Mangoes- 56 servings
    Sliced Bananas- 40 servings
    Diced Pineapples- 52 servings


    Each Mylar foil pouch is sealed with an oxygen absorber inside to increase shelf life and retain freshness.

    Now up to 25 years Shelf Life

    You will also see from the labels that we are saying up to 25 years for the shelf life. Below is one of the reasons we are now saying that. Because we are now using a Metalite pouch instead of the mylarfoil pouch. Studies have shown that the mylarfoil, when crinkled, can develop tiny pinholes. The Metalite pouch does not do this. We want to ensure the highest quality of products for you even down to the pouch we use. We also still use an oxygen absorber in each pouch to ensure that 99.99% of the oxygen is removed to also ensure longer shelf life.

    Product Description for Metalite :

    Metallyte MM883 is an ultra-high barrier biaxially oriented multi layer polypropylene film. This film has an exceptional barrier to oxygen, flavors, and aromas, and has an excellent water vapor barrier. The non-metalized side is treated for adhesive lamination and cold seal applications.

    Key Features:

    -very high water and gas barrier
    -good aroma and flavor protection
    -excellent metal adhesion
    -easy convertibility on both sides
    -excellent puncture resistance