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Legacy Premium Long Term Food Storage-24 Serving Assorted Sides Sampler Pack Kit

$42.00 OR

Sample of 24 Dehydrated/Freeze Dried Emergency Storage Sides

With Legacy Premium emergency storage you get gourmet flavors, convenience and value. Legacy Premium freeze dried/dehydrated foods are made with great-tasting, quality ingredients that your family will enjoy. Storage foods and sides are conveniently stored and prepared. These benefits come at the lowest price in the emergency storage industry, comparing cost per serving and per calorie. All freeze dried/dehydrated foods and side dishes last for up to 25 years or more. Indulge in a sample pack today.

Legacy Premium side dishes will complement any freeze dried or dehydrated emergency meal. Storage side dishes add healthy calories; a sample pack allows you to taste and determine what sides your family likes best. The 24-serving sample pack includes six premium emergency storage side dishes: banana chips, green beans, stawberries, parboiled rice, refried beans and instant mashed potatoes, four servings each. Just add water to prepare your dehydrated or freeze dried emergency sides and dig in!

Freeze dried/dehydrated side dishes add variety to any emergency storage supply. This side dish sample collection comes packaged with an oxygen absorber and a nitrogen flush in each of the 4-serving Mylar pouches. These thick pouches are designed with protecting your side dishes from pests and other shelf life threats, thus preserving the dehydrated or freeze dried foods for any emergency. Complete your emergency food storage with a sample of our freeze dried/dehydrated side dishes.

Sides Included-

Strawberries (4 Servings)
Banana Chips (4 Servings)
Instant Mashed Potatoes (4 Servings)
Parboiled Rice (4 Servings)
Refried Beans (4 Servings)
Green Beans (4 Servings)