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Legacy Emergency Water 4 Month Supply Box Kit Aquamira Stack Containers Survival

$190.00 OR

Long Term Emergency Water Supply Boxes

120 Gallon Storage- 4 Month Supply of Clean Water

You get- Twenty Four 5 Gallon Water Storage Containers with Aquamira treatment

Perhaps the most important part of your long-term emergency storage will be a supply of clean drinking water, experts recommend 1 gallon per day per person. With water supply boxes you can utilize your storage space and have an emergency water supply that you can take with you. Store long-term potable water in 5-gallon BPA-free water bags, Aquamira water treatment tablets included. Each 5-gallon bag is thick, durable, hard to pierce and stored in stackable, heavy-duty boxes. Water treated with Aquamira is drinkable for 5 years.

Package Information

  • 5-gallon Bags with Spigot
  • Heavy-duty Stackable Water Boxes
  • Aquamira 2 Part Water Treatment
  • Filling Hose

Water Storage Boxes for Long Term Emergency Supply

Long-term emergency water storage has never been simpler. Move the 55-gallon water barrels out of the way and maximize storage space with stackable boxes that contain emergency water bags. Aquamira treatment tablets purify water for five years, eliminating the cumbersome task of emptying and refilling the immovable water barrels. Compile your supply of Aquamira-treated water into heavy-duty storage boxes and be prepared for any long-term emergency that may affect your water supply.

The long-term emergency water supply kit includes 5-gallon water pouches and heavy-duty boxes (dimensions 10 X 10 X 15), a hose to fill the pouch from a sink faucet, and Aquamira water treatment drops. Each bag has a pourable spigot; water bags fit in stackable boxes and are conveniently compact and portable. Emergency water storage kits also provide Aquamira water treatment and a filling hose. The filling hose can be hooked up to any bathroom or kitchen faucet; an outdoor ¾-inch spigot is also included. Long-term boxes keep light from penetrating water bags, extending shelf life.

Without drinkable water your family will not survive an emergency for more than a week. Protect your family with a boxed emergency supply of long-term storage water that does not contain harmful chemicals. Aquamira water supply treatment tablets purify water and actually improve the taste. Chlorine Dioxide tablets will not discolor storage water or create harmful byproducts like bleach will. Long-term boxed water supply will bring peace of mind for five years. Each box weighs 40 lb once filled with water.

Emergency Water Box Kit Benefits

  • 5-gallon BPA-free plastic bag
  • Stackable, heavy-duty cardboard box
  • Built-in, easy-to-use spigot on each bag
  • Aquamira 2 part Water Treatment
  • Filling Hose included

Our survival prepper water storage kit includes stackable, 5-gallon water containers with different size package options (see our store) of 30 gallons (1 Month Water Supply), 60 gallons (2 Months Water Supply), 120 gallons (4 Months Water Supply), 180 gallons (6 Months Water Supply), 360 gallons (12 Months Water Supply), or 1440 gallons (1 Year Water Supply for 4 People). The multi-laminate water containers have pouring spouts and each is stored in a stackable, heavy-duty box. These Prepper water kits also includes a filling hose for the kitchen or bathroom faucet. This survival water kit also contains an outdoor ¾-inch spigot. Space saving stackable water storage containers are convenient and accessible and a great way to begin your survival water storage supply.
Recommended stacking height of 3 boxes.

Long term water supply made simple and easy from Legacy Premium Foods and Aquamira.