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Gulp! Alive! Angle Worm, Natural

Gulp! Alive! Angle Worm, Natural

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Gulp! Alive! Angle Worm, Natural
Manufacture ID: 1140586

The famous earthworms are coming now with the incredible Gulp! formula which is more efficient than ever. The scent dispersion is maximized and the softness is improved. You can even reload it in its jar for more efficiency.


- Gulp! Alive! bait is saturated in powerful Gulp! Attractant.
- Preserve natural shape and swimming action.(Looks Alive!, Feels alive!, Tastes alive!)
- Re-charge Gulp! Alive! bait potency by placing back in powerful attractant.
- Baits do not stretch out of shape. Resists casting and survives small fish attacks.


- Size: 2"/5cm
- Weight: 2.1oz.
- Quantity: 60
- Color: Natural