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Freescape - Small Lantern

Freescape - Small Lantern

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Freescape - Small Lantern
Manufacture ID: 30-000933

The Freescape collection of products are designed to make life in the Outdoors more fun. The Small Lantern brings camp lighting to the next level. With a capacitive touch ring around the light, a light tap turns it on or off. A longer touch on the ring dims the light for those times when you dont need full output. Or, touch and hold the ring and make it feel like daylight in your tent with an estimated 80 Lumens of output. An easy to use, spring loaded handle clip
makes the it easy to hang from a tent or the rope you shimmied up the tree to hang. Powered by 3 AA Batteries, the Small Lantern emits light out the frosted side lens, but also through the bottom of the light to maximize effectiveness when hanging. To ensure that the batteries last as long as possible, in addition to the infinitely adjustable dimming feature, there is also a power kill switch to keep it off when stowed away with the rest of your gear. The IPX4 water resistance makes sure that even if it is left out overnight in the rain, the Small Lantern is going to keep shining bright


- On/off power switch
- Capacitive touch output band: tap on/off
- Spring-loaded handle clip
- Grippy rubber footings
- ABS Plastic Body with TPE overmolds
- IPX4 Water Resistant


- Height: 5.9"
- Diameter: 3.2"
- Weight: 8.3 oz
- Batteries: 3 AA
- Estimated outputs:
- 80 lm / 2 Hours
- 5 lm / 25 Hours