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Florida White Tupelo Honey 1lb Bottle

Florida White Tupelo Honey 1lb Bottle

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Florida Tupelo Honey - 1 pound bottle
The Apalachicola River in the Florida Panhandle is the center for Tupelo honey.
Tupelos are valued honey plants in the southeastern United States, particularly in the Gulf Coast region, producing a very light, mild-tasting honey.
Florida Tupelo Honey derives from the Tupelo Tree and has a mild and very delicious flavor.
Pure Tupelo honey has a slight greenish cast and a light golden amber color.
Our pure Tupelo honey is not heated, processed, or filtered; neither is it mixed in any amount with honey procured from other blossoms.
Florida is the main producer of Tupelo honey and because of it's distinctive flavor and non granulation it's recognized the crown jewel of honeys!
Taste the satisfaction of one of the finest tasting honeys in the world!
Ships in non-breakable and sealed plastic bottles!