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Dry Doc 9” eTab-iPad

Dry Doc 9” eTab-iPad

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Dry Doc 9” eTab/iPad
Manufacture ID: 048992

Protect your gear from water and dust, and allow you to still use many of your items. Talk on your phone, read books, or type e-mails, right through the case!

Dry Docs offer a waterproof case for every need. From protecting fishing licenses and IDs with our smallest size, to protecting navigation charts with our largest size, or protecting your Amazon Kindle™, iPod® or iPad® in the bath or at the beach, these heavy-duty cases are perfect for any situation.

Built with a thick eco-friendly PVC–Free film, Dry Docs are super puncture-proof, as tough as they are useful. Plus, a positive snap Ziploc®– type closure makes them extremely easy to use.

Internal dimensions are 10.25" x 8.75".


- Size: 9" eTab/iPad
- Height: 11.75"
- Width: 9"
- Weight: 2.4 oz