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Donkey Butter™ Peanut 24 oz

Donkey Butter™ Peanut 24 oz


Donkey Butter™ Peanut 24 oz
Manufacture ID: 58748

Primos Donkey Butter Peanut 24oz 58748

Primos Donkey Butter is a maximum strength attractant paste. This revolutionary application process for attracting deer is clean, simple, and has a lasting effect. For best results, smear Primos Donkey Butter on trees, stumps, or fence posts. Butter em up and whack em!


- Concentrate Paste Attractant
- Easy to apply paste allows you to carry and dispense attractant anywhere, anytime.
- Apply to trees, stumps, limbs, post, boulders, or anything else deer cant drag off
- Peanut Butter odor and taste attract deer instantly
- Needed minerals and vitamins keep them coming back
- Strategically dispense in shooting lanes or use as primary attractant at bait site