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Coghlan's Tent Light System LED 120 Lumens Camping Eating Tactical Coghlan 1540

$15.66 OR

Coghlan's 1540
Glowing Tent Light
This bright 120 Lumen LED provides 360° light diffused through a soft silicone lantern shell.
With up to 40 hours of run time and 4 brightness levels the Tent Light will cast a comfortable glow
inside a tent or around the picnic table. The handle features a split loop so that it can be hung from
anywhere. Made from a durable silicone material so that it can survive bumps and falls.
  • 120 Lumens with 4 brightness levels
  • 40 hour run-time (Low = 40 hours, High = 20 hours)
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-slip silicone body Can be used hanging or sitting on a table
  • Batteries not included (requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Product Dimension: 3” tall x 4” diameter (3.5 oz)