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Coghlan's Coghlans- One Ultralight Tent Stake- Uses Canopies, Tarps, Shelters

$2.49 OR

Coghlan's #1001- One Ultralight Tent Stake
These are bulk items that include no packaging to save you money. The picture is for reference only and you will only receive 1 tent stake unless you order more. If you need more than 1 please order number needed.
Orange anodized aluminum tent stake featuring a three-sided design making them nearly indestructible.
Versatile enough to work well with just about any tent and durable enough to last for years. Features a notch at the top for securing guylines; attached nylon pull-cord allows for easy removal. Length: 9” (23 cm) Weight: 0.50 oz. (23 g)

Quantity- 1