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CABLZ Sunglass Leash 12 Inch Stainless

CABLZ Sunglass Leash 12 Inch Stainless

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Cablz Eyewear Retention Leash
12 CABLZ Stainless Steel
Surgical Grade Steel Cable Eyewear retainer
12 Length for children and most adults

What's on your neck?
Why wear other eyewear retainers that hang on your neck, soak up sweat, get dirty, stink and fray? Cablz are unique in the way they do not lay on your neck, distract you or irritate your skin. Whether you are fishing, boating, golfing, hunting, running, biking, hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing, snowmobiling or just enjoying the great outdoors Cablz are the ideal eyewear retention system that will keep your eyewear secure and stylish.
Not to be confused with Croakies, Chums or other eyewear straps or eyeglass cords on the market today, Cablz are made of surgical grade steel cable, industrial strength rubber and other proprietary components.
Cablz are the next generation in eyewear retention and are designed to handle hard work and active lifestyles. This is not just another eyewear sock or cord. Cablz are innovative, reliable pieces of equipment that you need. Designed to make your life better... Cablz are Best in Class!
Our patented technology solves the problems associated with using the other eyewear retainers on the market. Benefits of Wearing Cablz :
Stays off your neck
Does not get hot or sweaty
Does not get heavy from being wet
Never has bad odor
Allows full range of motion
Does not catch on clothing