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Airmar 175WR-4 Transducer Housing Wrench

Airmar 175WR-4 Transducer Housing Wrench

$31.50 OR

175WR-4 Transducer Housing Wrench

A single-handed wrench that holds the main thru-hull housing via the 'wrench flats' on the top of the housing to facilitate tightening of the hull nut.
Use wrench 164WR-2 or 164WR-3 for the hull nut.

For use with:
  • B164
  • B175
  • SS164
  • SS264

IMPORTANT: the design of the housing for these transducers changed slightly in June 2012. This wrench is for the newer design and has an internal width of 2-3/4". If you need a wrench for the older designs then use the 164WR-4 instead, with an internal width of 2-7/16".
Product : AIRMAR WRENCH F/ B164, SS164 SS264 B175
Manufacturer : C-WAVE
Manufacturer Part No : 175WR-4